Titley Village Hall operates a “safety management system” (SMS) in order to help protect hirers/committee members during their time whilst within the bounds of the village hall boundaries.

The SMS is to comply with current legislation (as closely as possible) within the (health and safety at work act 1974).

Although not required by law, the committee decided to comply as closely as possible with the spirit of the legislation.

All hirers/committee members/visitors are encouraged to take an active role in “safety” during their time in the hall and bring to the attention of the committee any concerns they may have with this subject.

All personnel are responsible for their own safety and others around them during their time within the bounds of the hall and car park. They have the authority to cease any action they may think is unsafe and bring this to the attention of the committee for action.

Personnel should be aware of “Risk” when performing tasks within their purview. These risks are present and should be mitigated and controlled through careful and considered management. 

Any process/action which is considered to carry risk should be managed using the Village Hall “Risk assessment register” this document will remain live and will be assessed for accuracy and relevancy periodically.

Any action or process which is considered “unusual or rare” but still considered carrying risk will be subject to “Dynamic risk assessment”. Inclusion into the risk assessment register should then be considered.

Any accident including a “Near Miss” is to be recorded in the village hall “accident reporting book”. Any accident considered serious (broken bones etc.) as defined by the Health and safety executive (HSE) is to be reported by the appropriate process “Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013” (RIDDOR).

Information in detail regarding the Health and Safety Executive can be found on line at: www.hse.gov.uk

SMS ADOPTION June 2018  signed on hard copy
SIGNED Committee Chair person June 2019